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Garage Door Repair

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Our Services:

Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Springs Are Extremely DANGEROUS . You Should Not Try Replacing Them on Your Own Call a Garage Door Professional To Help You With Broken Spring Replacement
Garage Door Cable Repair
The Garage Door Cables hold high tension and are extremely dangerous to do by yourself. A Cable’s job is to level the door and at the same time pull it up and down
Garage Door Roller Repair
Garage Door Nylon Rollers will make your garage door operate smoother and quieter while reducing stress on your automatic opener.
Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Repairs require knowledge. Messing around with the garage door or trying to fix it yourself can end with body injuries and sometimes can even add more damage to the door. Make sure you work with a professional garage door company for all of your garage door repair needs.
Garage Door Opener Repair
The Garage Door Opener can have a lot of issues, some complicated some not. Make sure you get your opener diagnostic with reliable companies. Some of the problems can be resolved very easily.
Garage Door Installation
Garage Door Installations are Very Important In order to keep your garage door life longer. If the installation has not been done properly from the beginning you will face a lot of issues in a very short time. Make sure you get your garage door installed by a professional to get the most out of your garage door.

Client’s Recommendation


Professional service and very efficient.Highly recommended.


Summit Garage Doors has been very professional since the first interaction I had on the phone up till when the work was done. Everything was explained and disclosed clearly prior to booking and work carried out. Technician is experienced and very attentive to his work. He thoroughly assess the situation and provided the most honest and upfront thoughts of my Garage Door. A very happy customer. Definitely reflecting all the good reviews online.


Very professional. I’m very satisfied. That little extra help was very impressive.


Technician arrived on time, and completed all tasks in a very efficient manner. The Senior discount was a welcome bonus.


Very reliable service, great job done on my garage door by very nice representative of your company. Definitely I will recommend your company to anyone who will need your services. Thank you


Tech was thorough and very professional. Arrived on time. Great people to deal with


Long story short: Don’t bother with the competition. Use these guys. They are awesome.


Arrived on time very pleased with the work done, highly recommend.


professional service. Meir, the onsite technician was excellent. Door was repaired within 2hrs of phone call. Will definitely use again and recommend to others

Garage Door Weather Stripping

To safeguard valuable assets like your car, tools and supplies, your garage door should be weather resistant. The compromised protection which is as a result of small gaps between your garage door and floor, sides and top jamb, can allow moisture and cold air into your home, thereby raising your utility bills and causing damage to the things in your garage.

Garage Door Cables, Rollers, Hinges and Track Repairs

We are available to repair any malfunctioning or broken parts like door cables, rollers, hinges and track repairs and replacements.
We are a perfectly equipped team, offering fixing of defective parts, replacements and complete new door installations
of all major brands.

Our technicians provide immediate diagnosis of any issue, with quick and effective repairs always carried on the spot.
Summit Garage Doors is your best expert in the area for the following and a lot more:

Broken Cables: Cables are a component of your door’s pulley system, and are responsible for making the door move.
Our technical staffs repair and replace worn, frayed cables and substitute them with galvanized steel, coated galvanized or steel strand wire cables.

Rollers: Broken or bent rollers are an obstacle, meaning they need to be replaced as fast as possible for an unobstructed, smooth functioning of the garage door.

Hinges and Tracks: If cracked, these parts of the door stop the operation and functioning.
Contact us for instant replacements. Summit Garage Doors provides instant repairs and emergency services on all major faults and issues, and assures of a fast service.

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