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Garage Door Opener Installation

We deal with several garage door opener brands. LiftMaster garage door openers are sold through garage door dealers. They are built and designed by the same company as Chamberlain garage door openers. The significant difference is that LiftMaster garage door openers come with a solid shaft system linking the electric opener with your garage door. This makes for a secure and more durable installation.

More Garage door opener brands:

Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman, Linear, Mastercraft, Skylinks, Lynx, Stanley, Ryobi.

New Garage Door Installation Innisfil
Garage Door Installation Caledon

WiFi Garage Door Openers

When contemplating which type of garage door opener to buy, we have written entirely about your garage door electric opener choices.

Garage Door Opener Types

Belt drive automatic garage door openers are the quietest electric openers available. If you are someone that doesn’t like noise, you should install belt driven garage door openers. Summit carries and services different types of electric openers like LiftMaster garage door opener, Chamberlain and many more.

Chain drive electric openers are the conventional style of trolley garage door opener. They are dependable, durable and affordable. Summit Garage Door sells LiftMaster garage door openers, Chamberlain electric openers and other types of chain drive electric opener.

Jackshaft  or Side-mount garage door openers are excellent ways to free up space in a garage. Jackshaft electric openers are installed to the side of the garage door and need around 12 inches of side room.

Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors

Every garage door opener that we sell comes with a Safety Sensor or in a different word photo eye; a light beam that spans across the opening of the door. If the light beam is spoilt by a person, car, pet or any object, the door will not close. An overhead garage door opener will not function if the photo eyes are not working in the right way.

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