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Garage Door off the Track

Has your garage door gone off the track before and you need it fixed? Are you not sure about what to do about a separated garage door, or if you can adjust your door yourself? At Summit garage door, we are experts in repairing broken garage doors.

We know that a broken garage door can be a burden. Not only is a separate door unsteady and dangerous, but it also makes your home unsecured and your vehicle grounded.

This is why our professional technicians are always available daily to take care of any garage door emergency around.

It might be inviting to look for a Do It Yourself solution for garage door repairs, but this is one job that needs the skill of an expert. Operating an off-track garage door can bring a lot of severe damage to the door and mechanism, turning a basic repair into a costly error.

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Why Did My Garage Door Go Off Track?

Understanding why garage doors come off their tracks can aid you in staying clear of problems in the future. A lot of garage doors come off their tracks as a result of accidental damage or wear and tear. Understand what to look for if you’re concerned about how to maintain your garage door:

  • Impact. Often the door separates as because of impact damage. It’s easy to get distracted if you are late or drive into the garage too fast. Accidents do happen sometimes, and the result can be a broken garage door.

Even a low-speed impact can severely damage your garage door and door opening system. If this has happened to you, don’t try to move the door on your own. Contact us, Summit garage doors are garage door experts, and we’ll send a staff who can evaluate the situation for you.

  • The weight of Door. Other causes of garage doors coming off their tracks are the tracks clasping under the door’s weight. A garage door can weigh between 200 – 400 lb., and, after years of daily use, that weight can spoil the tracks.
  • Wrong Installation. If the tracks are not appropriately arranged on installation, it’s importantly easier for your door to come off its track. Cheaper steel tracks can twist and warp over time, leading to the garage door breaking loose.
  • Roller Wear. At times, garage door rollers wear out. If you see one roller is worn or broken, you need to take action fast because the weight from the door will put excessive pressure on the remaining rollers, and can cause them all to malfunction.
  • Lift Cable Breakage. In exceptional cases a lift cable can crack, causing the garage door to turn to one side and fall off the tracks. Ensure you have older garage doors regularly maintained so your garage door can be fixed before it comes off its tracks.

To fix you’re off the track garage door, there’s only one name that can do it. Summit Garage Door is your best option, and we are always available to help you out.

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